Boston Association
for Childbirth Education
& Nursing Mothers' Council

Childbirth Educator

Training Workshops

BACE CBE workshops include

1. our comprehensive and customizable curriculum, ready to teach upon completion of BACE and BACE+!

2. Evidence Based Birth Professional Membership and access to 20 CEUs through EBB 

4. access to The Educated Birth library of illustrations, images and infographics to enrich and individualize your curriculum

Which path

will YOU take?

This course will provide you skills, confidence, knowledge and curriculum you will need to teach, inspire and support childbearing families.

BACE 2023 dates |  mid-March start date (subject to change)

5-9pm for 10 weeks


Early registration saves $100,

when paid in full 30 days prior to start date

For those with strong content knowledge and depth of experience in the birth community, such as childbirth educators trained by other organizations, L&D nurses, midwives and seasoned doulas.

BACE+ 2022 dates | 10/1, 10/15 + 10/22

10-6pm each day


Early registration saves $100,

when paid in full 30 days prior to start date

Proudly partnered with the following organizations to enrich our training and resources

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The Educated Birth

The Educated Birth confronts inequity in reproductive healthcare by creating inclusive visuals that recognize and celebrate the many identities and presentations of people in our communities (before, during, after, and excluding pregnancy), by crafting quality educational content with inclusive language that's easy to read and to teach with, and by inviting people (many who've often been left out of the "mainstream") — parents and reproductive health workers — to share their knowledge and stories.

Access to the library of images, visuals and infographics is INCLUDED in your BACE certification*

BACE is a member and supporter of The Educated Birth since March 2022, utilizing graphics and illustrations by diverse artists and birth professionals, representing birthing people of all genders, races, abilities and family structures to strengthen intersectional reproductive health education. Certification and current membership with BACE required to meet the parameters of our agreement and to provide fair and equitable use of The Educated Birth's artwork


Evidence Based Birth's

Professional Membership

A diverse series of 30-60 minute videos featuring Rebecca Dekker are focused on current issues and relevant studies that make learning more accessible, and provides more time for our faculty to engage with participants. Access is provided for 2 months from enrollment in BACE and BACE+, with the option to extend at a reduced cost of $14.99/month (paid to EBB)

Professional Membership provides access to 20 CEUs with EBB's Advanced Courses.