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Boston Association
for Childbirth Education
& Nursing Mothers' Council

Meet The Team

Kathy Beans

Kathy Beans has been teaching BACE Educator Training Workshops for many years. She is uniquely qualified to evaluate the prowess of any prospective educator, as has just retired from her post of Director of the Wellness Center and Childbirth Education at Newton Wellesley Hospital. A veteran L&D nurse, Kathy is certified through Lamaze (LCCE) and has earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).


Shari McBurney

Shari McBurney is a familiar name in the Eastern Massachusetts birth community: a BACE-certified childbirth educator, member of BACE leadership and certification team, TOLABOR-certified Birth Doula, and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator. She has a powerful passion for being a resource for parents and the birth professionals that support them, increasing access to evidence-based information to support participants in navigating the maternity care system from varying perspectives. Shari brings previous professional experience in instructional design and adult learning theory, affording her an engaging style in presenting topics ranging from childbirth education for expectant families to professional mentorship for existent birth professionals.

Lorenza Holt

Lorenza Holt is our faculty emeritus. Though she is no longer an active facilitator for BACE Educator Training, she motivates and inspires BACE educators and faculty members alike with her knowledge and passion for healthy equity and prioritization of normal birth. Amongst her many achievements, Lorenza is one of a very special few certified Trainers for Spinning Babies; certified doula trainer for DONA; former Executive Director for BACE; and with her Masters of Public Health, she is also on the Advisory Board for Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers (MACHW) driving for the training of community perinatal health workers.

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