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I'm a Lifelong learner

As humans, we give and receive and incorporate education all the time! I am passionate about learning opportunities, both to grow my own knowledge and to increase that of those that wish to learn from me.

The workshops below are open to all. If you have ideas on sessions you'd like to teach or take, please reach out and let's talk!


Let's talk about VBAC... your thoughts, emotions and considerations, those of your partner if applicable, and those of your provider. Who do you look to for support? Who are the nay-sayers?

Come for the support to build community and friendships that can make this experience one that you can hear your own voice in.

The series will provide you:

  • Co-facilitation with a passionate VBAC mom!

  • A community of other second- and third-timers preparing for VBACs like you

  • A safe space to share your first birth(s) and explore what you'd like to do differently this time

  • The opportunity to write a birth support plan that reflects your true preferences

  • Options for support: doulas, providers, birth settings, preparation for your partner and yourself

  • Educational views on the ways labor can go this time around

Bonus! Registration in VBAC-complishment grants you discounted access to my Spinning Babies for Parents class, to learn more about how your baby's position can make a big difference in simplifying your birth this time around.


January 9, 16, 23 | 7:30-9pm

Optional add on: Spinning Babies for Parents | date TBD


$210 | VBAC-complishment registration only

$325 | with Spinning Babies group class*

Certificate of completion and receipt available by request to procure insurance reimbursement where applicable

*Full price of class is $145, discounted to $115 for participants. Spinning Babies class is at no additional cost to doula clients

​Please note: this workshop is designed for the pregnant person only at this time. 



Did you take BACE Childbirth Educator training within the last five years, but need to complete your curriculum?

Did you take a different childbirth educator training, but need more guidance to complete their program?

Are you a certified (previously or current) childbirth educator, but want to make your classes more engaging?

As head faculty for Boston Association for Childbirth Education, I lead the Childbirth Educator trainings held annually in the Spring (traditional) and Fall (accelerated). In the Summer and Winter, I mentor aspiring educators to bring their curricula to life and help to remove obstacles to certification, with BACE or the program you completed otherwise.

Mentorship will provide you:

  • Initial meeting to assess fit for this program

  • Customizable curriculum template

  • Development and design advice on curriculum flow and format

  • Four accountability meetings (60 minutes), based on mutual schedule alignment

  • Ability to certify through BACE, when applicable. Additional costs and requirements apply


This workshop is designed for the folks who have completed a childbirth education training program within the past three years only. Space is limited to 4 people per season. Preference is given to those who have been enrolled with BACE.

Those who completed BACE more than five years ago, but did not certify, are encouraged to take the full Childbirth Educator Training Workshop.


Winter | 4 spots available | dates in January TBD


$500 | curriculum template + 4 consult hours. Additional hours available at negotiable rate

Childbirth Educator Mentorship

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