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Client Stories

VBAC Two parter!

VBAC #1 (child #2)

Beth D

Posted 3.20.14

I am so happy to share my experience working with Shari. With my first baby, I ended up having a planned c-section after I went past my due date and an ultrasound revealed that I was having a large baby. While I was so happy to have a healthy baby, I immediately knew wanted to seek a different birth experience with my next child. So when I became pregnant with my second child, I switched to a midwife who suggested hiring a doula and referred Shari to me. When I reached out to Shari via phone, I immediately liked her positive energy and spirit, and after my husband and I met with her in person we knew she would be a great fit. 

Prior to giving birth, Shari was great about being in touch and met with us to talk about how her role in our birth story. Whenever I had a question and reached out to Shari, she provided helpful information and in one case even sent a podcast to help. She was a wealth of knowledge and with all the information she provided it was so clear how passionate she is about what she does. 

During my labor Shari was absolutely amazing. I had a very long labor and Shari was excellent at coming up with suggestions on how to move things along. While she was an integral part of my birth experience, she did not step on the toes of my husband, midwives, or nurses- she stepped in when it was needed and stepped back when it was appropriate. Shari was a constant support and gave me confidence and help that I needed to achieve an unmedicated VBAC. I cannot thank Shari enough for helping me achieve my goal and I don't think I could have done it without her! 

My second night in the hospital, one of the nurses who was with me during my labor came to visit me and remarked on what a great and supportive Doula Shari was. I would highly recommend Shari to anyone who is looking for a Doula. 

VBAC #2 (child #3)

Posted 5.18.16

After my 12-week ultrasound with my 3rd baby one of the first people I called was Shari. It was an absolute no-brainer to me and my husband that Shari would be a part of my birth experience again. She had been of great support during my pregnancy and my very long labor with our second child, helping me successfully have an unmedicated VBAC with a large baby. I'm convinced that I could not have done it without her support. She was well prepared and knowledgeable, with a constant calming presence.

With my third baby and second labor, Shari was again a necessary support. Whenever I was asked to make a decision during my labor I turned to Shari for her advice. I had absolute trust in her judgment and expertise and I knew that she had my best interest at heart. She was a constant motivator and support during my labor. For the second time I was able to have an unmedicated VBAC with a large baby and again I am not sure I could have without her!


I would highly recommend Shari to anyone looking to hire a doula- simply put she is amazing!


Becca S.

Posted 8.8.13

I knew that I wanted a birth doula as soon as I got pregnant, and went searching for someone who was the right fit for myself and my husband. Shari is outgoing, informative, energetic, and wise. She worked with us extensively and expertly in order to give us the birth experience that we wanted. She was always available for questions and concerns via email and phone, which is very helpful to a first time momma!


During the actual birth, she transformed into a calm and peaceful presence, who was always there with various techniques and assistance. She got to the hospital quickly and even though I was in active labor and in some discomfort, I remember her saying she was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug, which was so genuine and appreciated (even though I don't think I said thanks at the time :). She guided me through the different stages, and was an incredible help and support to my husband, whether it was getting him a snack, providing him with a stool just as his legs were about to give out, or showing him how to position me on the bed or in the bathroom. I was wary about having a hospital birth but Shari made the hospital room feel a bit more homey with some special touches. Her background in hospitality only enhances her skills as a doula and we would definitely recommend her! She stopped by a few weeks after our daughter was born to visit, which tied our whole experience together. We look forward to her being at the birth of our second babe, whenever that may be :)

Aaron D.

Posted 11.16.16

(received this as a thank you card, from a Hypnobirthing couple)

Hundreds of thousands of people loved each other enough, over long enough time, that we all-- and Tommy, most recently-- have been given a chance at life. While many have contributed, there were few who stood at the gateway and welcomed Tommy into this world. We are eternally grateful to have had [Shari] there. Although he may not realize it, Tommy is grateful too. From deep seed to our brand new branch of the great human family tree, Tommy will grow and extend his leaves because [Shari was] there at the beginning. Thank you!

Childbirth Class with a Big Lesson

Jillian K

Posted 6.10.16

When I got pregnant I wasn't even thinking of getting a doula, not because I didn't want to, but because the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. There were way too many other things spinning around in my overactive pregnancy brain. However, we met Shari at our birthing class and when she brought up how she was a doula and the things doulas provide, my husband and I became very interested in finding out more.


We talked to Shari after class and when we went home we were sure we wanted a doula...and we were sure we wanted Shari. The thought of having someone else who could support us and remember the little (and BIG) things was so comforting during a time when there was so much unknown. Fear of the unknown was the overarching feeling for me during my pregnancy and knowing that Shari would be there looking out for me, my husband and our baby was an invaulable support and comfort. I could stop trying to think of everything and just enjoy being pregnant. I could stop worrying about all the "what ifs" because of Shari. 


When I went into labor, it was 2 in the morning. I texted Shari because I wasn't sure...and she texted right 2 in the morning :)  From there on she was our guide! I got to the hospital and when she came to meet us, I knew everything would be great. She listened to me and respected everything I wanted or didn't want. She was able to navigate the logistics and "administrative" things for us so we didn't have to worry. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have someone in the room who knew what they were doing (aside from the hospital staff). She was an amazing cheerleader who stayed with us through 30 hours of labor and 25 minutes of pushing! During the most chaotic and beautiful moments of my life, Shari was there and for that I can't thank her enough!  

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