Spinning Babies
+ Optimal Fetal Positioning

Truth be told...

The most amazing thing about birth I've learned is how the bodies of the baby and the birthing person work together symbiotically in labor

- and yet -

optimal positioning is

what most pregnant people say

they know the least about,

and what many who gave birth via Cesarean say they wish they'd known more about.

Why optimal positioning matters

The birthing body supports the pregnancy with ligaments, muscles, and bones. When these structures are balanced, the baby is cradled in a way that is aligned for better comfort in pregnancy.

An optimally positioned baby descends into the pelvic bowl (engages) more efficiently. Babies who are engaged at the time that labor onsets have a much higher likelihood of being born vaginally.

When the bodies of baby and birthing person are aligned, labor follows a more effective pattern- allowing for greater coping and a simpler birth.

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spinning babies 


Take the chance to learn how to use the Spinning Babies techniques to help you achieve better positioning for better comfort in pregnancy and simpler labors! With the measures in place to limit visits to and stays in the hospital, it's more important than ever to promote optimal positioning for shorter labors and simpler births​.

Live Streamed Workshop Schedule

This session is at 8pm to accommodate for parents of toddlers

This session is at 8pm to accommodate for parents of toddlers



Classes are comprised of:

  • Live Zoom session to coach participants on techniques for pregnancy and labor

  • Gail Tully's Parent Education Video streaming/download

  • Materials for ongoing practice

  • ~OPTIONAL~ Accountability sessions for check-in are available, to ensure you're sticking to your goals


is your baby breech?

If you are 30+ weeks and concerned about your baby's breech position, reach out! There is much we can do to encourage more room for your baby in the "right" places, and allow the space s/he needs to turn vertex.


Email me to set up a Breech Consult, and we'll create a plan individualized to your circumstances!

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