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Early pregnancy

​You can just feel your equilibrium fall away every time you drop something else or hit the corner of a familiar part of your house. "Really?" you think to yourself, as you overcome another wave of nausea... The first trimester is full of uncertainty, starting with not looking pregnant but sure feeling it. Your hopes and dreams start to take shape, and your preparation begins.

As you start regular visits with your care provider (midwife? OB?), you're compiling your birth team. I will be part of your network: providing you reading and education suggestions, resources for wellness and fitness, registry do's and don'ts, nutrition guidelines and ideas on how to be feeling your best and doing the most for your baby at this critical development stage. 

Forms of Support
- after COVID -

Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful. The Spinning Babies for Parents Workshop provides:

  • Tactics for greater comfort in pregnancy

  • Insight into optimal fetal positioning

  • Hands-on practice in balancing techniques

Spinning Babies for Parents Workshops and Consultations

Mid pregnancy

As your pregnancy continues, you're likely learn about techniques for comfort and optimal positioning. From 20 weeks of gestation, it's a good idea to get familiar with where your baby is (belly mapping, anyone?), how to "rest smart" and encourage greater comfort in pregnancy, while investing in a simpler labor


During labor the baby needs to pass through the three levels of the pelvis. Learn techniques to help your pelvis and its muscles that support or restrict your pelvic levels. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Join me to learn about Spinning Babies techniques, Daily Essentials, and the Three Sisters of Balance to help birth muscles to relax and add comfort now to ease birth later.

Group and private classes are available

See the Spinning Babies page for more details or click here to email me

Labor & Birth

Late third trimester

From about week 36 until the birth of your baby is a very exciting time, and a little bit nerve-wracking too! You've likely attended your childbirth prep class, packed your birth bag for the hospital, and started to envision your labor and delivery.

Meeting with me now will enhance your preparation, build familiarity and inspire confidence as you get ready for your baby. I will meet with you prenatally to discuss your hopes and preferences, so that I can support you and your partner as labor begins with comfort measures, positions, time-tested tools and techniques.​ 

As labor begins, your questions have a quick answer... from identifying early labor signs to comfort measures as things get underway, reminders to eat and rest, and guidance on when to transition to the hospital-- this is the informational support that doula families benefit so much from, in listening to the labor together. This support begins via text and phone, can extend to visiting you at home to help assess transitioning to the hospital, when more aggressive coping techniques are needed.


As active labor unfolds, there's not a thing a laboring mama and her partner could ask for that I would not find a way to accommodate, with safety and empowerment in mind. I utilize massage, focused counter pressure, aroma and hydrotherapy, encouragement, humor, direction, suggestion, creative positioning and childbirth education braided together to make you whatever web of support you need, when you need it.


You did it, mama. However your baby made his or her debut into this world, you're together in a whole new way... as a family. You're learning about each other's faces, heartbeats, personalities. 


Soon after your baby's arrival, you'll settle into a postpartum room, which I'll set up to remind you of the comforts of home for the few days you'll spend there. Once you're home, my role evolves to provide you ongoing resources that suit your pace in the journey into parenthood, postpartum healing and feeling, discussing struggles and celebrating successes with a postpartum visit 1-3 weeks after your birth.

Add a postpartum belly bind to support your healing and self-care. Instruction provided at our postpartum visit

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