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What does a Doula do?

​As your Doula,

I will provide:

My deep seeded belief in you, your partner, your body, your baby and your ability to birth

My ability to partner with all other members of the birth team, to support you in the best possible birth outcomes

In-depth prenatal visits to build my familiarity

with your hopes, preferences, likes and dislikes in

regards to birth

Emotional, physical and informational support through continual presence during your labor, delivery and postpartum stages


Enhancement to your childbirth education and preparation, particularly if you've attended one of my classes

Unlimited text/phone/email support

​​Doulas do not:

...diagnose conditions or progress, or make clinical observations. These are done by your care provider and nursing staff

...make decisions for you or speak on your behalf. I will help you explore questions and feelings, process risks, benefits and alternatives as you make informed choices so you can feel confident and comfortable with the decisions made, and be able to express them to the staff on your own behalf

...take over the birth partner’s role of primary support, unless the partner is absent or chooses not to participate in this way

Find out more

  • How will I know I'm in labor?

  • What if we forget to breathe (like you could do that!)?

  • How will we remember what we learned in our childbirth classes?

  • When do we go to the hospital?

  • My partner is awesome, but s/he needs guidance in how to be most helpful

  • I am planning an unmedicated labor

  • I am planning to use an epidural, but don't want to do so too early. I know doula support can help me get through to where it's best to use one

  • I may not have the midwife or doctor I've been seeing all along, and want to have the familiarity of my doula to support us with all the unknowns​​​


Top reasons why families choose doula support:

You and your baby have been hard at work for 9 months, with labor and delivery still ahead. It's time to apply all you've been learning about, in moments of high emotion and excitement. Your doula has prepared with you to enhance your knowledge, support, coping techniques and determination to bring your baby into the world.


Truth is...

Evidence on having a doula at your birth tells us:

  • Labors are 25% shorter¹

  • There are fewer complications¹

  • Cesarean rates are reduced by 50%¹

  • There is 40% less need for oxytocin to speed up labor¹

  • Need for forceps is reduced by 40%¹

  • Women request 30% less pain medication and 60% fewer epidurals.¹

  • Along with their babies, statistically more likely to have better birth outcomes

  • Continually encouraged, supported, actively engaged and participating in their births, guided by the experience and presence of their birth team

  • More likely to feel confident and empowered about their births, important emotions in becoming a mother

¹ Mothering the Mother, How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier and Healthier Birth, by Kennell, Klaus, and Kennell (1993)

Women who receive continuous support from a doula are:

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