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Boston Association
for Childbirth Education
& Nursing Mothers' Council
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Curriculum Template

BACE participants are provided a customizable template to build their classes from.

This comprehensive curriculum includes a slide for each topic, with a notes section where participants record objectives, materials, teaching methods, and their own notes.

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Your notes

every topic of a comprehensive childbirth class is covered completely in our training, giving BACE participants a true chance to develop objectives, materials and teaching methods that resonate with them individually

BACE training provides mentoring far above that of any other local or national certification organization, to allow each instructor to blossom into the impactful educator they want to become.


Countless valuable resources have been curated in a Google Classroom for BACE participants to create their own libraries from, with encouragement to continue their own education as part of ongoing certification requirements.

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representation or demonstrative prop that effectively supports objectives

Materials matter!

We encourage and teach mindful demonstration and representation of what the educator wishes to share.


BACE participants are provided access to the full library of images through The Educated Birth- inclusive and sensitive artwork which incorporates all kinds of birthing people.

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intentions of the educator for imparting to learners for each topic.

BACE participants are challenged to develop objectives beyond the basic! Examples:

Childbirth education participants will:

  • practice making informed choices in regards to cervical exams, and learn a model of shared decision-making to apply to other conversations about their own care

  • learn the sights, sounds, signs and symptoms of active labor to better inform participants of optimal times to make the move to the birth setting

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Teaching methods

how a topic is taught has a huge impact on how it is learned

BACE educators are inspired to create engaging activities and encourage community-building in classes. 

Examples of teaching methods are:

  • Collaborative lists of resources for postpartum planning

  • Interactive labor rehearsals

  • Spirited discussion of types of support

Who are you?

  • A curious person with passion for serving pregnant people with knowledge and sensitivity and improving birth outcomes with better preparation


  • A driven person who took a lackluster training in the past, needing mentorship and a great curriculum to get to where you want to be

  • An experienced birth professional or existent childbirth educator who wants to make a bigger impact

be the childbirth educator you want to be

BACE has a long history of fostering memorable childbirth educators that

make a difference in preparation and birth outcomes for expectant families.

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