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Boston Association
for Childbirth Education
& Nursing Mothers' Council

BACE+ ACCELERATED Childbirth Educator Training Workshop


A complete application must be received in time for either deadline:

  • Early registration ($100 discount off regular registration!) = $1600, due no later than midnight on the date 30 days prior to the start of sessions

  • Regular registration = $1700


Your application will be reviewed by our faculty, and a phone interview scheduled soon after

Registration limited to 8 participants, on a first-come/first-accepted basis!

Early: TBD

Regular: TBD


These requirements must be completed before we start our workshop on December 1:

  • Completed and accepted application

  • Prepare professional bio

  • Review BACE-NMC website

  • At least 50% completion of Evidence Based Birth Higher Ed modules, link provided upon application acceptance

  • Material review:

    • Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn, hard copy

    • Other required reading

    • Website resource familiarity

    • Handout review


During the classes

Our 24 hour workshop is conducted over 3 sessions. Each day will feature assignments and activities to be completed during and sometimes before the subsequent session:

  • Attendance at and full participation in all three sessions

  • Facilitation of two teachback presentations


To certify

These requirements must be completed to achieve certification as a BACE-Certified Childbirth Educator (BCCE):

  • Tuition paid in full

  • Completion of all assigned Evidence Based Birth Higher Ed modules

  • Approved outline and curriculum

  • Observation of a BACE educator-led childbirth class

  • Interviews with a midwife and a new mother

  • 10 CEUs, can be completed with your access to the Evidence Based Birth Higher Ed program's Advanced Courses. See your mentor for details

  • Completion of Certification Series, observed by your BACE Faculty Mentor

    • There is a $250 fee for observation of your Certifcation Series, due upon scheduling

    • Certification Series must be 12 hours, and include a minimum of 3 expectant mothers

Due within 12 months

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