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Ring Slings

My Art

Thank you for exploring my handmade ring slings. They are artistically tied then ice-dyed, then sewn with a pleated shoulder held by rose gold colored aluminum rings (I use only the Cutie Carry brand, specifically designed for baby carriers). Made of unbleached woven osnaburg muslin, the fabric meets industry standard for tensile strength.

Unique designs from fiber-reactive dyes, weather and ice melting times, and tying techniques make each ring sling a custom work of art... 

no two are ever the same!


Below is a gallery of my ring slings. In my shop, I also feature similarly dyed postpartum belly wraps (and instruction), labor support scarves, and other apparel/accessories. 

Shipping is free for purchases over $75! See below for more information.

About Babywearing

As modern as it may sound, babywearing has been around for centuries. It is an inseparable part of the African, European, and Asian culture and has been widely practiced in almost all regions of the globe.

However, this ancient practice has only recently gained popularity in the industrialized world as part of parenting philosophies, such as attachment parenting.

In a nutshell, supporters of babywearing believe it helps create a stronger parent-child bond, thus benefiting both the infant and its parents.

Infants naturally seek close contact with their mothers. They need it because the mother is the first person they become familiar with. She provides comfort and assurance. Babywearing helps create a strong maternal bond, which in turn enforces correct child development.

Furthermore, when carried close to the mother’s body, the baby can feel her skin, sense her presence, motions, and heartbeat — everything it loves and is familiar with. All those factors calm the newborn and make it feel safe and loved.

When deciding on a ring sling, consider:

  • Baby’s age. Recommended use usually begins around 4 months. This gives babies a chance to develop their neck muscles, which are crucial for the ring sling to be effective and safe.

  • Baby's weight. Recommended to hold newborns and toddlers weighing anywhere from 8 to 35 pounds.


For more information about Baby Carrier Industry Alliance safety recommendations, click here. An insightful brochure accompanies all of my ring slings, along with instructional videos on how to use.

Wearing a Ring Sling (1).png

Babywearing Classes!

My dear friend Angela Owens offers a one hour session ($60) on babywearing, focusing on how to wear your baby safely and confidently. Learn about the art and culture of babywearing, and how usage of babywearing has evolved over time. For more information and to register, click here!

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