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Recertification fee

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Certification requirements: need to be fulfilled by December of your recertification year (3 years from your certification year). Continuing Education Units submitted for recertification must have been earned within 18 months prior to this date. You will complete the Recertification Form to attest to your meeting of requirements.

Extensions: BACE Educators can apply for a one-time, six-month extension. Extension fee is $75 and is only applicable if filed for prior to date of recertification date, and is in addition to the recertification fee (total of $150).

Lapsed certifications: certifications can be reinstated up to 2 years after the original December 31st recertification due date. All fees and membership dues are to be paid in full. 6 CEUs for each lapsed year in addition to the 18 CEUs due for recertification (example: 18+6 for one year lapsed = 24 total) are to be documented and must have been earned since the original Dec. 31st recertification date. Fulfillment of requirements 1-3 can be from the original recertification period. Lapsed certification fee = $150 + $75 recertification fee+$30 annual dues = $255 total.

If 5 years or more have elapsed since the last certification, the Accelerated Certification Program requirements must be fulfilled for reactivation.

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