Other Labor+Birth Options

Mid pregnancy

Attend a live streamed childbirth class with me

Join me for Guided Spinning Babies for Parents

Write a birth support plan that suits your circumstances and preferences, with guidance around your choice of provider and birth setting

Late third trimester

We'll hold a few virtual meetings to discuss restrictions at the hospital, and practice comfort measures, positions, time-tested tools and techniques.​ 


Game plan how and when to be in touch in early labor

Create and finalize a realistic birth plan that reflects your preferences

Discuss alternative virtual support in active labor (Zoom? FaceTime?)

Pack your hospital bag, using doula tips

Labor & Birth

As labor begins, your questions have a quick answer... from identifying early labor signs to comfort measures as things get underway, reminders to eat and rest, and guidance on when to transition to the hospital-- this is the informational support that doula families benefit so much from, in listening to the labor together. This support begins via text and phone, can extend to visiting you at home to help assess transitioning to the hospital, when more aggressive coping techniques are needed.



Text when you feel new sensations that make you wonder

Communicate with as much detail as you can. We may utilize text and later, video

Use recommendations for rest, sustenance, hydration, positions

Assess when to transition to the hospital; I will meet you there once admitted*

Virtual means: expect continuous communication via text and video (if you choose) upon admission


Helping Hand

Around 2 hours after your birth, you'll move to a postpartum room. Hospital stays vary based on how your baby was born, and how you and baby are doing post-birth. In this phase, I encourage you to learn from on-staff lactation consultants and practice sleeping in shifts until you discharge from the hospital.



Consider options for early discharge from the hospital to limit your stay

Communicate with me when heading home, and any time you need some love 

Utilize the Resource Page for online parent groups and lactation support at home

Schedule your postpartum belly bind