Childbirth Preparation

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

--Elizabeth Stone, author


Above all, as your doula I prepare you to believe in yourself and have trust in your body and the birth process. It is empowering to know what may lay ahead in terms of choices, because your informed decision-making helps you to begin to take responsibility for a lifetime of protecting the best interests of your child.


We'll listen to your pregnancy and labor together, so you and your partner can best understand your options and apply them to your hopes and preferences during your birth.

Prenatal care 

Good prenatal health and knowledge is the first step you are taking in childbirth preparation. Choosing a provider who aligns with your philosophy on medical care is a critical element in partnering in your prenatal care. Your health and wellbeing are yours to protect, nurture and strengthen-- your provider helps to ensure that all signs point to staying within the range of low-risk, normal birth, and providing holistic advice on plan of care based on you specifically, not just data and statistics, if complications arise.

Consider investing time in additional workshops and body work, to prepare yourself holistically. Check out the Resource Gallery for recommended birth professionals and featured events.

Childbirth Education

There are so many options for you to nourish your knowledge on labor and birth. The method you choose will significantly influence your choices in the birth process, by preparing your mind to trust your body in ways you may never have used it before! Your education will be deeply enhanced when paired with doula support to put your preparation in motion, welcoming your labor with excitement and charisma. 


My comprehensive childbirth education workshops held at Newton Wellesley cover the following:

  • Signs of labor

  • Comfort measures for each phase

  • BIRTH! What can we expect?

  • Birth plans and preferences

  • Choices and interventions, labor "right-hand turns"

  • Hormones of labor

  • Postpartum, the girlfriend's guide to what really to expect after the birth

  • Many resources for all the other stuff you're wondering about!


During the workshop, you'll collect and create real tools that will strengthen and remind you of all that you learn along the way... Contact me for schedules and recommendations. Workshop series are four 3-hour sessions (usually weekday nights) or held over an immersive weekend. 


I offer private classes as well, tailored to your personal questions. A private class is one day for 4-5 hours. Click here to email me for schedule and cost information.

Spinning Babies for Parents Workshops and Consultations

Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful. The Spinning Babies for Parents Workshop provides:

  • Tactics for greater comfort in pregnancy

  • Insight into optimal fetal positioning

  • Hands-on practice in balancing techniques

Private classes are available by appointment, are 2-3 hours in duration, and cost $150.

Group classes are held at Newton Wellesley Hospital monthly. For scheduling and to register, click here.

As we work together during the weeks leading up to your birth, we will explore your vision for how you'd like to labor and how to prepare best for those preferences.


It may be helpful to review the chart to the right in terms of your options for medications and when to best utilize them if your labor calls for additional tools.

Writing a birth plan is always a good idea, as it gives you a chance to think through your options on how you would like to be supported; however your labor unfolds, it is a useful way to communicate with the nurse team that you will meet during your birth experience. Here are some examples of birth plans:

Birth plan template

Quick reference version

Birth preference choices

Birth preferences and birth plans

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