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Education Options with COVID-19 Precautions

It's taking some creativity, and I'm at the ready.

OUt of the box Birth support

​With current COVID-19 restriction, your best bet is to be prepared and have support accessible throughout your labor

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My private and hospital-based classes have been moved online, and will be live streamed with interactive and engaging facilitation


Online classes will feature:

  • Signs of labor

  • Comfort measures for each phase

  • BIRTH! What can we expect?

  • Birth plans and preferences

  • Choices and interventions

  • Hormones of labor

  • Postpartum, the girlfriend's guide to what really to expect after the birth

  • Many resources for all the other stuff you're wondering about!


This format is temporary, since I strongly prefer to hold classes in-person for a myriad of reasons!

Live Streaming Childbirth Education

Class Schedule

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